"Last year we ordered 100 jars of Berts Bites for holiday gifts. The response was so welcoming, we are doing it again this season!"

- Ruthie Pack

Born in San Francisco

Besides her family, Roberta, "Bert", is most passionate about baking. Bert has been at it for over thirty years, and her Chunky Almond Snack has always been the favorite treat among her friends and family. What is Bert's not-so-secret secret ingredient? The heart and soul she puts into each batch and the desire to share the love that comes out of her oven.

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Simple ingredients made hearty & wholesome.


Premium ingredients without preservatives. Wholesome and hearty. No GMOs.

Always Fresh

Made from top quality ingredients. Lasts up to 1 year on your shelf or freezer.

All Kinds of Yum

Mix it in, sprinkle it on top, eat it by the handful. The yummy possibilities are endless!

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Bert's Bites™ is the perfect way to celebrate life's special moments. Customize a memorable jar of your favorite snack for holiday gifts, corporate events, and more.


These little snacks are absolutely delicious. I have to hide them from myself or else I can't stop eating them. They are so good by the handful, on fruit, on ice cream, etc. Great treat to send out to clients for work as well. 10/10 would recommend and will 100% buy again... likely in bulk!


My company always has a large jar of Bert’s Bites in the office lounge. Bert’s Bites is not your ordinary granola snack, it’s huge chunky bites of deliciousness and everyone in my office loves it!

M.F., Law Firm

We've always been a big fan of the original Chunky Almond Snack, but it's great that it now comes in snack-sized packs! We used to tear through the entire large bag in one sitting (it really is THAT good!) so the snack-size packages helps us exercise a little self-control! It's the perfect treat to throw into your bag/car when you're on-the-go. 


Delicious. Delightful. The perfect breakfast treat or pick-me-up snack.


I have been very pleased over the last several years with sending Bert’s Bites to clients and friends for holidays and other occasions. People respond not only with a perfunctory “thanks” but with real enthusiasm over how much they love the product and how they look forward to receiving Bert’s Bites each year. 

I.B., Senior Counsel, International Law Firm

I love Bert’s Bites so much that I sent jars to everyone on my holiday gift list and it was a huge success (the personalized labels were a hit too). I know everyone is going to expect it again next year!


Bert's Bites was my go-to gift this year! Neighbors, colleagues, hostess gifts, and family. Careful, it's addictive!


My clients love Bert's Bites. I bought Bert's Bites for a meeting with a very important client. They loved the taste and unapologetically made me hand over my extra bags so they'd have some for their flights home. It was a great choice for a client gift, which they're still talking about!


My daughter's fiancée is stationed for 4 months in Afghanistan. He asked for only two things: more coffee and 'please more Bert's Bites'!



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