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Bert's Bites is Born

After raising three boys and watching them go off to college, Roberta was missing out on the incoming stream of hungry teenagers who were always looking to snack. The requests were always coming in, and one thing she always kept in her mix of snack tricks was her 25-year-old family granola recipe. All the kids loved it, and their parents too, so what to do with the round-the-clock granola requests?
This got Roberta thinking, “how could I turn this granola into a tasty all-day snack?” After tweaking, tweaking, and tweaking some more, she perfected the recipe into a tasty, nourishing,  and downright addicting, Bert’s Bites was born!
The perfect chunky almond snack to throw in your travel bag, have at your next power meeting, or as an energy boost after that tough workout class! 
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