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Give us your word, and the Bert’s is on us.

Can you describe your mother in one word? Interested in a free bag of Bert's Bites? Our favorite book, Mother Daughter Me, by Katie Hafner, is building a word cloud on what Mother means to you. Follow this link to participate, and a yummy snack-sized bag will come your way!


From Katie: 

Since Mother Daughter Me was first published in 2013, I’ve been asking people to describe their mother in one word. The words people choose are as poignant as they are diverse: Saintly. Perfect. Violent. Unselfish. Clannish.

Some words keep showing up over and over. “Caring” is one. “Narcissist” is another (ouch). The list is now so long — and so compelling — that a few years ago I created a word cloud in order to get a better fix, visually, on how we collectively feel about our mothers. That is, the more frequently a particular word crops up (e.g. “Loving” and “Strong”), the bigger the word is when shown on the word cloud. I update the cloud once a week.

Please contribute your own word to the cloud, and when you do, we’ll send you a tangible token of our appreciation: a yummy snack-sized bag of Bert’s Bites.

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