Who's Bert?

“Bert” is Roberta Intrater, who has spent many years developing her recipe. As a wife, mother, and now grandmother, she relied on her family and friends to help her perfect her delightfully crunchy treat. Word got out, and when the demand for her Bites became so great, it was time to turn her Chunky Almond Snack into a business. Her delicious creation is now lovingly referred to as “Gigi’s Crunchy” by her youngest grandchild.
"Besides my family, baking is my passion. I’ve been at it for over 30 years. There is such joy and satisfaction in sharing what comes out of my oven with my family and friends.”
Her Bites are the embodiment of her desire to share. Packaged in delightful bags and jars, the blend of whole almonds, dried cranberries, whole grain oats, cinnamon, and organic maple syrup makes for a wonderful gift. But don’t think this is your typical breakfast granola. This delicious treat is best enjoyed in handfuls, or sprinkled on top of yogurt or ice cream. Roberta bakes everything in small batches in San Francisco, and customers around the world will tell you, ‘it’s addictive!”

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