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Item Weight

Wholesale Price


Chunky Almond Snack - Snackable Bag

2.75 oz



Chunky Almond Snack - Shareable Bag

16 oz



Chunky Almond Snack - Small Jar

9 oz



Chunky Almond Snack - Large Jar

24 oz



Crunchy Maple Snack - Snackable Bag

2.5 oz



Crunchy Maple Snack - Small Jar

7 oz



Crunchy Maple Snack - Shareable Bag

20 oz



1-year shelf life

Customization available for jars at additional 50 cents per label (additional set up fee may apply)

Minimum order: $200

Prices are subject to change without notice

Product splits available

All prices exclude tax and shipping cost. Inquire for estimates

All items will ship depending upon availability and while supplies last


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